Kwalama co-founder

Cristian Nacianceno Parra Gonzalez

Cristian is the CEO and founder of Kwalama Colombia. He strives to find the highest quality coffee beans from his extensive network of coffee producers.

He is an Engineer and Master’s candidate in Agroindustrial Engineering from the National University of Colombia. He has worked in companies in the agro-industrial sector in Colombia and Chile. He is characterized for being a cheerful, kind and disciplined person. He likes singing and dancing, although he is not as good as playing soccer.


José Alejandro Vélez

José is the Chief Information Officer of Kwalama Colombia, in charge of managing the technological resources for the internal processes of the company in Colombia.

He is a physics student, technician in agricultural production, lover of technology and languages. He is characterized by being critical, kind and dance disastrously, without shame of not doing so well.


Luka Nussdorfer

Luka is creative director and co-founder of Kwalama.

Coffee addict and entusiast. He finally made his insatiable wish come true of having his own coffee brand. He spent most of his adulthood running his Award winning Bed&Breakfast in Chile and living in different countries.

Livelong traveller, loves reading and coming up with new ideas – meanwhile sipping coffee 😉


Marko Bujak

Marko is Manager and co-founder of Kwalama.
Cureless perfectionist, he is making sure that quality and standards are always met and exceeded and everything running smoothly.

With extensive knowledge and vast experience in Hospitality & Tourism industry, mostly in leadeship positions, combined with passion and coffee certifications, excellent service is guaranteed.

Hard worker, he prefers to spend his little free time with family.


Alen Prole

Selling is an art, I believe that I'm a good artist. In love with good stories and with over 10 yrs experience in sales, I'll listen to your story and we'll make a great one together  :)

"Any healthy man can go without food for two days - but not without poetry."